Finding the first outfit of autumn

Autumn is officially here! I can feel it in my bones with the temperature dropping and the sky getting darker. On the plus side, the change in weather presented new ways to play with fashion; it’s a great season for experimenting with layering and funky accessories! With this in mind, I excitedly put together the first look for the new season 😀



I teamed up my trusted All Saints biker jacket with a new everyday favourite Burberry check shirt, adding a pair of skinny denim jeans, my Alexander McQueen legend bag  and my much loved Nike trainers. For the finish touch, I worn a pair to Dior tribales earrings in gold and silver (they are becoming a part of me) and complete the look with my new Ted Baker hat which I picked up at the weekend.


I hope you like it and as always thank you for reading. I look forward to your thoughts.  ❤


Finding Five Days in Croatia

I’ve been travelling again and this time to the beautiful Croatia. Did you know that it was where Games of Thrones was filmed?! I only learned this on my trip, talking about being ignorant and behind on news! It was a fabulous trip, and I thought that it would be great to share my travel experience with you 🙂

Croatia is a relatively new country. It was formerly part of Yugoslavia before declaring its independence in 1991. Croatia sits between Central Europe and Mediterranean countries, it’s famous for the romantic historic buildings, food and drinks, beautiful islands and outdoor nature. For this reason Croatia grew stronger in visitors in recent years and has become one of the top travel destinations in the world.

Day One

I chose the beautiful city Split as the base for my travel as I heard it was very beautiful. It was an interesting city with the right mix of tradition and modernity. Split has a bustling nightlife and at the same time, a laid back island vibe during the day. The city is also rich in history with numerous historic architectures, museums and galleries.


In the image I’m wearing asos lilac tank top, whistles shorts, Burberry sunglasses and flip flop with furla bag.


In the evening I had dinner at this charming Croatia restaurant located in the heart of the Palace of Diocletian. I loved their local beer ‘Pan’ for its crisp refreshing taste. I also enjoyed their seafood pasta cooked in the Croatian way. The pasta had a generous serving of fresh seafood and was super delicious!



Day Two

The second day of my trip was dedicated to the Palace of Diocletian. Diocletian’s Place is an ancient palace that was once home to the Roman Emperor Diocletian at the turn of the fourth century AD. It’s also the heart and soul of Split. The centre of the palace has now become the old town of Split bustling with shops, cafes, restaurants and apartments. I noticed that people actually live between the palace walls! Apparently the spaces between the walls have been converted into premium modern flats and you can actually buy one of these to live in. The palace is also where some of the scenes from Games of the Thrones were filmed.




Day Three

The next day, I decided to escape the bustling city life to take a spiritual hike along the Marjan Hill. Marjan is an extension of the Split city and can be accessed from the Marmont Street in the city centre. It stretches over 3 km from the city and is covered in a dense pine forest and surrounded by the sea.

I found hiking the Marjan Hill a spiritual experience where I was at one with the nature. The view was breathtakingly beautiful. From the top of the hill, I got a full view of the city. One thing I would recommend when hiking Marjan would be to wear comfortable shoes. I made the mistake of wearing flip flops for the hike, it caused my feet to hurt so bad the next day that I couldn’t walk at all!




Day Four

My feet was hurting so bad from the hike, I decided to take it easy on the fourth day and chill out in Split. I visited the markets, indulged in local food and drinks. The exchange rate for pound was so strong in Croatia, I got a lot for my money.


In the image, I’m wearing an asos dress and necklace from accessorize.


Day Five

On my final day in Croatia I headed to the Hvar Island. Hvar has a reputation of being the party island, it’s a great place to chill, unwind and have a good time. There were heaps of great bars, restaurants and the island is filled with young people.

There were few smaller islands neighbouring Hvar which were also worth a visit. I rented a boat for the day for just £50 and drove to the different islands. I think this would be the best value for money if you want to see all the surrounding islands. It works out cheaper than taking the water taxi which cost about £5 each way.



In the image I’m wearing the American Apparel shirt and Burberry sunglasses.

Time flies when you are having fun. The next day it was already time for me to leave Croatia. Croatia had it all, weather, excellent food, nature and historic heritage. It’s a place well worth visiting!

Finding Cahoots – London’s best kept secret underground cocktail bar

Cahoots is one of London’s newest and hippest themed cocktail bars. Located in the dark corner of Carnaby street, hidden away in an old abandoned underground station that was once used as an air raid shelter, Cahoots can easily be missed by people. But not this venue, this bar is jam packed with people and often seen with a long queue at the entrance.

Cahoots took on the theme of 1940s/post-war Britain. I stumbled across this bar on a Saturday evening with friends. We haven’t heard of this place before but the good looking door man at the entrance, dress in the 1940s costume, really got our attention. When he told us that Cahoots is a post war theme cocktail bar we were up for trying something different.


If you haven’t experience Cahoots before, I must warn you that this bar is extremely difficult to get in! Although we arrived quiet early, it wasn’t long until a queue of people formed behind us. We were informed by a couple ahead of us in the queue that they have been waiting for an hour! The only reason we got in that evening was because the door man has mistaken us for another party who reserved. Of course we weren’t going to correct him 😉

For anyone who would like to try this venue, my advice would be to book a table ahead of your visit. Otherwise be prepared to wait for a long time…

cahoots stair case

Through the magic entrance door, we were instantly transported back in time. A set of underground station style stairs led us all the way to the main venue.  The main bar was decorated in the style of tube carriages completed with retro war posters and lively 1940’s music blazing from the speakers. I wondered to myself if some of the decor were the original underground features?! I look around me, everyone was high-spirited and having a great time!

cahoots newspaper

Cahoots have a large selection of inventive cocktails, even the cocktail menu was in a creative layout disguised as a postwar newspaper. All cocktails were prices between £8-£12. A few selection of bar snacks, such as toasties, sausage rolls, were priced about £5. All very reasonable for the London standard!

cahoot food

I can’t quite remember the name of the cocktails I tried but here are some pictures 🙂

cahoot cocktail 1

Cocktail 2

Cocktail 3

cocktail 4

Cocktail 5

cocktail 6

cocktail 7

All the cocktails are super delicious and beautifully presented in quirky ornaments.

I had a great time at cahoots. Its a great place to unwind with friends and also makes an interesting venue for a date. I love their great hospitality and the complementary water and popcorn given with our cocktails. If you haven’t been to Cahoots yet, definitely get yourself down for some delicious cocktails and a retro experience.


In the images I’m wearing ASOS dress, Swedish Hasbeens sandals, Chloe bag and Burberry sunglasses.







Finding Easy Chic Styling

I’m really not a morning person. Especially on a nice summer’s day, it’s common practice for me to get out bed at the very last minute leaving hardly any time to get ready. So to look good, I rely on easy styling tips to save time in the morning.

My take on easy chic styling is to dress up outfits which are comfortable and easy to put together using accessories, statement pieces and urban styling tricks. In other words, looks which require minimal efforts for a maximum impact. Very much like the look I put together today.


In the image I’m wearing: Aviator Sunglasses by Topshop, chunky knit cardigan by Mango, loss fitting denim shirt by Urban Outfitters, mustard cord trousers & necklace picked up from my travel in Prague, Ankle boots by Office, Balenciaga  City Mini bag.

This look is very easy to put together. It makes use of a plain loose denim shirt and a pair of mustard cord trousers pulled together by a long plain white cardigan to balance out the proportion. The outfit is then dressed up by adding a pair of edgy ankle boots and a statement leather bag. I turned up the cuff on my trousers to inject an urban appeal to the look and at the same time showing the detailing of my ankle boots.


Accessories are vitally important for easy chic styling. With this look I opt for the fabulous statement bag and the elegant boots to prevent becoming too casual. 

To create a more polished finish, I added a pair of sunglasses and pulled my hair into a top knot.  A messy bun is easy to do and looks chic with any outfit. A pair of stylish sunglasses is also a great way to look polished when you don’t have enough time to apply makeup.


This is my weekend take on the easy chic styling. The look is easy to pull together and took me less than 20 minutes to get ready. It’s comfortable, versatile  and suitable for work and leisure.

I hope you like it. As always do drop me a line with your thought, I love to hearing from you.












Finding Beauty of Poland in my Travel

Recently I traveled to Poland, it was one of those spur of the moment trips. I just thought that I would see Poland since it was a country I haven’t been to before and the flights are cheap enough from the U.K. You could say that I went to Poland with no expectations or knowledge of the country. But I left Poland in love with its beauty, its rich historic culture and the cool bars and restaurants hidden away in the country.

I thought that I would share with you some highlights from my travel…

Travelling to Sopot

Arriving in Sopot on Wednesday afternoon, what hit me immediately was how cold Poland is in early March! Although I was fully prepared for the cold weather, wearing a black wool coat (Oasis), my favourite warm grey sweater (H&M), warm blue cashmere scarf (Burberry), jeans and gloves (both purchase in China) with a pair of warm suede platform boots (Gardenia) and my travel friendly Burberry tote bag, I was still shivering. I look around me, all the locals are all wrapped up from head to toe wearing full length puffer jackets, warm shearling boots, hats and gloves. If you are brave enough to plan a trip to Poland in winter, I would recommend bringing a hat and a pair of gloves. Trust me, you would need it!


Sopot is a friendly and charming beach resort on the Baltic Sea. It’s easy to get around with all the main attractions within walking distance from the city centre. I chose Sopot as a base for my trip because it sandwiches between Gdansk and Gdynia; only a short train ride from both cities. Life in Sopot seems peaceful and easy going. My first stop was to walk along its famous wooden pier which is the longest in Europe. Overlooking the Baltic Sea, the pier was a beautiful sight!


Sopot’s main street is buzzling  with a variety of cafés, bars and restaurants. I felt hungry after my walk along the pier and stopped in this lovely modern restaurant called The Piano to sample some traditional Polish cuisine. I decided to try the famous Polish sausage served with sautéed onions for starter, which I loved. Then for the main course, I went for Poland’s national dish Pierogi  (dumpling filled with potatoes and cheese and can also come in a variety of sweet and savoury fillings). Pierogi  can be fried or boiled and I went for the boiled option. Tbh, I was disappointed with the taste of boiled pierogi as I found the texture too rich. I did try pierogi again later in my trip and this time fried, which restored my faith in this dish.  The crispy texture was a much better balance with the creamy filling. I would definitely recommend trying fried Pierogi (and not boiled) if you had the chance!



 After dinner I found a strange building on the main street called the Crooked House and just had to stop to pose for a photo!


Travelling to Gdynia

The next day I took a train to Gdynia.

Gdynia was a short train ride from Sopot. It’s a quiet little town with a good selection of cafés, trendy bars and restaurants combined with a beautiful white sandy beach. Gdynia is great for a day trip. Its quite small and might be a bit boring for a longer stay.



Travelling to Gdansk

On Friday Morning we took a train to Gdansk for day out. Gdansk sits on the water front and is breathtakingly beautiful! The city is easy to navigate via foot with everything in the historic centre within the walking distance.


Arriving into the city, the first thing I did was to have breakfast in a charming little café located in the city centre. I was amazed by how tasty and healthy Polish breakfast can be. The café offers a good selection of breakfast delights such as open rye bread sandwiches, fresh/pickled fruit, omelettes served with smoked sausages, muesli with yoghurt and fruit/herbal tea. I had the salmon with rye break and drank this delicious fruit tea brewed with real fruit bites.


FullSizeRender (2)

Gdansk is known as the Amber City as it sources good quality ambers from the Baltic Sea. The city is sprinkled with amber shops and stalls which offer very competitive pricing. Although I didn’t buy amber myself, buying amber is a popular tourist activity. I did took the time to visit the famous Amber City Museum to learn about the gemstone.




Travelling to Warsaw

I travelled to Warsaw at the weekend which is my final stop. I arrived in Warsaw about two 2pm and checked into the Novotel. I choose Novotel because of its convenient central location. It’s at a walkable distance from the train station. The building has 34 levels and I was lucky enough to stay on the top floor which gave me a great view of the city.


 In the evening I met up with a local friend who took me to an uptown Polish restaurant for dinner (sadly I can’t remember the name). She introduced me to a few local delicacies. I really enjoyed all the dishes…


Steak Tartare


Korlet Schabowy – Pork Breaded Cutlet



On Sunday morning I visited the old town where the university, museums and the castle are clustered together. The old town is one of the main attractions of Warsaw and definitely worth a visit. It sits on a cobbled ground and consists of beautiful historic buildings and many museums, churches and cathedrals.



I felt very much at home in Warsaw. In a lot of ways I feel its similar to London like its cosmopolitan city vibe, the fast living pace and the busy night life.

Poland was partially destroyed by the war which allowed for a mix of new constructions and abandoned buildings. On the surface, the city looks old but what’s hidden underneath is heaps of cool underground bars/clubs. Some of the most amazing cocktail bar the city has to offer are inside of what appeared to be abandoned buildings! I went to El Koktel for drinks in the evening. This is one of the newest and coolest cocktail bars in Warsaw. Hidden away in the basement of a building, El Koktel is small and hard to find. It’s decorated in the style of someone’s living room which gives the place a chillaxing, laid back appeal. Here you can sample delicious unique cocktails created by the skilful barmen. The owner keeps the menu fresh by changing the cocktails selection every fortnight. If you would like to try this place, I would advise booking ahead of time, otherwise you might be waiting for a long time to get in!



On my last day in Poland, I decided to visit the Warsaw Uprising Museum (Muzeum Powstania Warszawskiego) to learn about history of the city that hosted me for the past two nights.  The Warsaw Uprising Museum is impressively put together and holds a wealth of information on Warsaw’s struggle and defence during the war. The museum is huge and it took me a full day to get through all the information.  For me the Warsaw Uprising Museum is a fulfilling experience as it allowed me to learn a lot about the history of Polish people during the war. I felt that I was transported back in time to relive the suffering and bravery of the people.

I was sad to say goodbye to Poland the next day. In the short time I spent in the country I learned so much about its history and culture as well as developed a new found love for the Polish cuisine. I would recommend Poland to anyone as a great holiday destination. It is also incredibly cheap to visit! I would love to return to Poland someday, especially for the tasty fried pierogi.

Finding Creativity in Nail Art

So… I’ve been hibernating all winter. In fact my last blog entry was 7 months ago! I know this is really bad and I blame the cold weather for my lack of action. There is something about the cold which makes me lazy (I’m really not a winter person)! But now, with the temperature turning warmer, I’m feeling happy and positive again. Therefore I’m back to blogging and looking forward to sharing with you more creative styling tips. This week is all about nail art. 🙂

For me nail art is a great way to express creativity and on a nice day it can also be relaxing. With a little practice and creativity, it can look just as good as the salon work, not to mention much cheaper! This weekend, I created this pretty spring look:


This look incorporates the trend of mix colours with simple nail art created by strategically placing a few easy to use nail glitter tapes. It’s really simply to do and can be achieved by using 5 simple steps:

Step 1.  I applied a base coat to protect my nails and to produce a smooth foundation for the colours to go on. For the base coat I used OPI Natural Nail Base Coat.


Step 2. The trick with this look is selecting the right shades that will work well together. I Selected 3 pastel colours as I’m going for a pretty spring look. My aim was to achieve a gradient mix which fades from the darker shades to the light, then breaking up the colour scheme with the white on the fourth finger to punch accent onto the colour scheme. The colours I chose are: Company Polish in Sky (I got this free with the company magazine), Essie in Mint Candy Apple and Elegant Touch’s white polish. I always apply two coats to intensify the colour.


Step 3. One of my favourite tool at the moment is Kiko Milano’s Nail Polish Corrector Pen. It’s incredibly easy to use and a great way to make the paint neater around the edges.


Step 4.  Once my nails are dry, I placed a few Kiko Milano’s Nail Glitter Tape to my nails with tweezers. I found that the blue tones work well with the gold tape and the white shade works nicely with the silver tape.


Step 5.  Once the stickers are in place, I applied a top coat to seal the edges and also to secure the nail tape to the nails.


Then there you have it, a pretty summer nail art that is deceptively easy to do and will also give you a great salon result.


I hope that you enjoyed this post. If you would like to try it out for yourself, do let me know how you got on. You can work with any colours as long as the shades are similar.

Finding a day in the London Zoo

I’m on holiday this week! My original plan was a trip abroad, but since the flight tickets are so expensive at the moment, I thought it would be best to stay in London. To make the best of my holiday, I wanted to do something which is fun and educational.  So I decided the best place to start would be the London ZSL Zoo.

The ZSL Zoo is the world’s oldest scientific zoo and one of Britain’s top attractions. It’s founded over 180 years ago and hosts a large collection of animals, making it a fantastic place to learn about wild life.

Hidden in the heart of London, the zoo is embedded in the beautiful Regent’s Park. The quickest and nicest way to the zoo is to walk through the Regent’s Park, which I found to be a serene experience. There is also a nice little café just outside of the zoo where you can stop for a snack before embarking on the adventure ahead.

regents park

At Regent Park in: Diesel tank top, Diesel skirt, Oasis orange cardigan, Swedish Hasbeens sandals and LV bag.

Regent Park Cafe

Inside the zoo I was astonished by the size. The overall space is 15 ha, it would roughly take me 30 minutes to walk around the whole site without stopping! With a hefty entry ticket price at £22.50 for adult and £16.65 for children, I would advise arriving early in the morning to allow enough time to see all the animals and make the most of your experience. The opening hours are between 10am-6pm in summer and 10am-5pm in winter.

inside the zoo

The Zoo was divided up into many different areas according to the type of species and their living habits, which makes it very easy to navigate around. Main areas are: Gorilla Kingdom, Butterfly Paradise, Lions and Tigers, Aquarium, Penguin Beach, Bird Safari and Into Africa.

I thought that I would share some of the highlights from my trip with you below 🙂

My first stop was to see the monkeys.

Monkeys 1

These Eastern Black-and-White Colobus are gorgeous. They are mainly found within the forest of Equatorial Africa. They have beautiful long black and white furs, which makes them often hunted by humans for their skins. What’s fascinating about these monkeys is that babies are pure white for the first few weeks of life.

Monkeys 2

I also love these White-napped Mangabey.

Monkeys 3

This type of monkey lives in the Sub-Saharan Western Africa. They are quiet interesting to watch as they communicate by shrieks, whoops, chuckles and grunts, as well as flashing their white eyelids with other facial gestures.

My second stop was the Tiger Territory.


I arrived too late to see the tigers and consequently they are all sleeping. Nevertheless, I did manage to catch a glimpse of this magnificent Sumatran Tiger. Sumatran Tigers are actually one of the smallest types of tigers but to me it’s still huge. The Sumatran Tigers are meat eaters and their diet consists of deer, wild pigs, monkeys, birds and tapir. They are critically endangered due to habitat destruction for oil palm, acacia plantations and illegal hunting.

My next stop was to see the reptiles.

I was attracted by a komodo dragon called Raja. Komodo Dragons are the world’s largest lizards, growing up to 3m long and weighing more than a fully-grown man. Their fearsome reputation and toxic bite make them the top predators in their island home. Raja in particular had appeared in the Bond film Skyfall.

Komodo Dragon

Then I stopped by the green tree monitors as I was drawn to its vibrant sparkling emerald colour. These beautiful creatures live on trees and rarely walks on solid ground. They are born with tiny rubbery scales on the sole of its feet and have long, monkey-like prehensile tail to help it balance. Green Tree Monitor lives in Indonesia and New Guinea.

green tree monitors

After the reptiles, my next stop was the Penguin Beach.

penguin beach one

The Penguin Beach is a large artificial beach made for penguins surrounding a large pool. There are heaps of different types of penguins swimming, playing and sunbathing here; it’s very interesting to watch. At 1.30pm daily, Penguin Beach hosts a live presentation where you can watch penguins feed, dive, jump and swim through with guided presenters. If you are thinking of visiting, I would recommend aim to arrive at this area for 1.30 pm, in time for the presentation.

penguin beach 2

Next to the Penguin Beach I found a large lake filled with exotic birds.


I stopped to watch these beautiful pink flamingos dance in the pond. These beautiful birds live in the shallow lakes, coastal lagoons of Southern Europe, Central Asia, North West India and Southern Africa. They get their beautiful pink colour from the small animals that they eat.

My final stop was Into Africa.

Here I saw the amazing giraffes! It was my first time seeing a giraffe in person and I couldn’t believe the size of it. It’s roughly as tall as four men put together; simply the tallest creature I’ve ever seen. You can feed the giraffes at ZSL Zoo for a fee of £45 – £60 at lunch time. However it’s not really worth it as it’s just exciting watching them from afar.


I really enjoyed my experience at the ZSL London Zoo. I feel that it’s a great place for a date or family outing. The zoo is very large, so arrive at the site early to make the most of your visiting experience. I would also advise bringing a packed lunch as the café inside are quite pricey and average. You can find many outdoor seating areas to have a lovely picnic!

Thank you for reading and feel free to share your thoughts with me. X